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  • Bronson Speed Co. Raw Bearings

Bronson Speed Co. Raw Bearings


Bronson Speed Company Raw Bearings 
8 Pack
Shield Free Design
The first shield-less bearing designed for skateboarding.  No shield grooves on either racer for no dust and dirt build up, allowing for a  super fast sound and spin.
Tungsten Coated Racers
The Tungsten coating is an extremely slick, low drag, long life dry film lubricant with a very low amount of friction, works well with or without liquid lubricants.
Factory Fresh Quality 
Hand Inspected twice.  Micro-Polished in an ultrasonic solvent.  Washed 3 times prior to final packaging.
Factory Fresh Quality
nitrogen filled shrink wrap reduces the metal and oil oxidation
Deep Groove Raceways
reduces side impact damage & breakage
High Speed Ceramic Oil
moisture, rust, and corrosion resistant nano-ceramic compounds for wear protection
Cage Design 
Strong, Durable, and Non-Distortion Fiberglass filled Nylon Cage keep the balls precision spaced. High wear and tear resistance; allows for increased performance in a low lubricant, high dust and dirt environment.