The Youth Shelter Supply


The Youth Shelter Supply is a specialty store catering to both Men and Women of all ages looking for Footwear, Clothing, Skateboards, or Snowboards. Whether you are looking for a new board, a winter jacket, or a new pair of shoes or boots; we are the leader in high quality items that can't be found anywhere else in town.
Our store was opened in 1998 when we saw the need for a core skate/snow/lifestyle shop in Central Minnesota. We have seen many cycles and trends in the snow and skate game in that time and we have found one thing that has allowed us to keep our doors open this long- our love and respect for shred. We support TRUE snow and skate brands and we feel our customers do too.

We are not a chain store or a sporting goods store, we are a small shop that loves to skate and snowboard. By supporting us, you are supporting the skate and snow community and that money goes back into making that community a better place. Hopefully you take pride in supporting the right brands and companies, if not you would just buy your gear at a sporting goods store right?

We got into the online sales game in 2004 when we saw that if we didn't adapt to the current retail landscape that we would be left behind and have to eventually close our doors. We definitely believe in supporting your local shop, but lets be honest with the current economy and state of the shred industry, not all local shops carry a large enough selection to service all your needs. So hopefully when you make a purchase online you are still supporting a core shop that actually cares about what they are selling and the future of the skate/snow community and lifestyle.

Besides providing everything you will need to skateboard or snowboard, we carry a wide variety of clothing and footwear. We carry footwear for both skateboarding and casual wear as well as clothing from some of todays most sought after fashion brands. We have been Central Minnesota's leading provider of unique clothing and footwear brands since the late 90's whether you skate or not. We are also the go to spot for winter clothing and outerwear.

Whether you are a die-hard skater, a weekend warrior, or a college student looking for the latest niche clothing and footwear brands on the market; we are here to exceed your retail needs by provide a product mix, knowledge, service, and shopping experience that can not be found anywhere else in Central Minnesota.

Location: 305 5th Ave South Suite 100 St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301

Phone: 320.656.7773

Fax: 320.656.7774


Retail Store Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 11am to 7pm CST

Saturday 10am to 6pm CST

Sunday 12pm to 4pm CST