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  • May Skate Camp Photos

    We would like to thank all of the dedicated parents, skateboarders, and artists in our community that have made this event possible and a success these past few years. Every year we put on a free skate camp for the St. Cloud area to help skateboarders gain skills and knowledge no matter their age, gender, or ability. Because of the growth of interest and funding for the Skate Camps, this year we are holding two camps at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. Here are a few photos of our first Skate Camp event this summer. We encourage even more skaters to show up at our next camp on June 4th!
    Getting the run down of skate camp.
    Meeting the coaches.
    Never too old for Skate Camp, Dads are down!
    Still can't decide on his stance..
    Teaming up!
    Remember, always wear a helmet!
    Moms love to help!
    Making progress!
    Practice makes perfect!
    Annex Club!
    Kuma is a crowd pleaser!
    Still bummed she can't skate..
    Girls moving up to the brick banks!
    Photos By: Sam Vermeulen

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  • Men's Shorts

    As the temps are changing along with our outfits for the season, we are finally ready for summer weather and attire. This year our men's offering of shorts is the biggest it has been in a while. We have brought in a plethora of Volcom board shorts along with classic chino and cargo shorts from the likes of Huf, Kennedy, Kr3w, Matix, and Volcom. Many different styles and fits, so come by the store to try on and buy your new favorite shorts before your homies do!

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