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  • We wil be holding a Snowboard Swap here at the store the first weekend of October. The Snowboard Swap is a preseason sale on both new and used snow gear. This is the only time of the year we deal with used gear, all remaining gear from last season will be 25%-50% OFF, and all brand new 2016 Snow Gear will be 10% OFF.

    Used Gear
    We allow our customers to bring in their used gear they would like to sell for this one weekend. If you want to sell gear on The Snowboard Swap you need to bring it to the store between Friday September 25th and Thursday October 1st- we will not take in any gear before or after these dates. We can help you decide on what price you want to sell you gear for. For all gear that sells; there is a 30% commission if you want cash, and 0% commission if you want store credit (store credit is issued in a gift card that can be spent at the store however and whenever you like). We will issue all store credit and cash for items sold on The Snowboard Swap on Monday October 5th. There is a $1 check in fee for every used item you list on The Swap.

    Types of Gear you can sell on the swap:
    Snow Pants
    Board Bags

    The Sale
    The Snowboard Swap sale will start at 10:00am on Friday October 1st. We will have used gear, clearance gear from past seasons, and brand new 2016 gear all on sale.

    *note- all payments or store credit for used gear sold will not be issued until The Snowboard Swap is over Monday October 5th.

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