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  • King of the Plaza • Video Edit

    Shop filmer Nevin Day made an edit of our last contest- King of the Plaza.  This is always one of our most fun events every summer.  It's basically a mini version of Thrasher Magazine's: King of the Road.  This is the only skate event were riders compete as a team in all sorts of crazy mini events around the St. Cloud Skate Plaza.  Huge THANKS! to Brandon Janssen for MCing the event, Tony Conrad for providing the Frisbee Golf pin and discs, all the judges, and everyone who came out to make it a fun day of skating!  Shout out to Jake Braun's teams for bringing home the crown as the 2016 Kings of the Plaza

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  • King Of The Plaza 2016 Photos

    Yesterday we held the 2016 King Of The Plaza, at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. Lots of locals and good homies from the Fargo area came out. Jake Braun's squadron took the title of "King of the Plaza", congrats! Tons of fun for everyone involved! Bare foot lip slides, skating with only bearings, jump ropes, and more! Big thanks to the Optimist Club and everyone who participated!
    Team/ Riders Meeting
    Prepping for team challenges!
    Nascar Challenge, Quickest person to take apart, reassemble, and land a tre flip!?
    Hefty list of challenges
    More Challenges!
    Barefoot Lipslide
    Daewon Challenge, 5050 a ledge with no wheels, just bearings......
    Longest Ollie Challenge
    Flip Trick over your team
    Ollie through a jump rope!
    Daewon Kum
    Deathrace Prep
    Final Race! Kuhn took it!

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  • King of the Plaza 2016

    It's time for King of the Plaza!  After a year's hiatus, we are teaming up with the St. Cloud Optimist's Club for one of our favorite skate contests.
    This event open to all ages and abilities, contestants will be put on a team to compete in various activities and challenges both on and off your board to see who will be crowned King of the Plaza.

    We will split up the teams evenly by age and ability. There will be both team and individual prizes given out from our fine sponsors.

    Your team will gain points for various skate tricks completed in the four zones of the Plaza:
    1. Double Set
    2. Rock Gap
    3. 5 Set
    4. Euro/Kicker

    Teams can also score points in the:
    1. Deathrace
    2. Longest Ollie 
    3.Frisbee Golf Shoot-Out

    Registration: 11:00am
    Cost: FREE
    Contest Starts: 12:00pm
    Location: St. Cloud Skate Plaza

    Hit us up if you have any questions on the event, this is one of our more popular skate events of the summer!

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