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  • PUBLIC Snowboards Have Hit The Store!

    The highly anticipated PUBLIC Snowboards have finally made their way to The Youth Shelter! Owned and operated by Minnesota Snowboard Icon Joe Sexton. Being a Pro From MN, Joe knows exactly what his supporting scene needs when it comes to shredding in the Midwest. He teamed up with one of Minnesota's favorite graphic artists Josh Manoles, who is known for his stylized abstract artwork, to create some mind melting graphics. Come by the store soon, as these Public Boards are going to go quick!
    The Therapy Snowboard from Public is a Wood Cored True Twin Deck. Featuring Urethane Sidewalls and Extruded base. With a 5/10 Flex Rating and Camber Kickout (flat between bindings, reverse outside of bindings), this board is perfect for those who like flex that ride midwestern parks and terrain.
     Available in sizes 148, 151, and 154cm.
    The Opinion Snowboard from Public is also True Twin and has a Beefed up Wood Core with Kevlar Strips. Urethane Sidewalls similar to the Therapy, with a stronger Sintered Base. Featuring a Classic Positive Camber profile, with a 5.5/10 Flex Rating, the Opinion Deck is going to be poppy and responsive! This is an awesome board for ripping the park a new one, while not having to worry about "noodling out" and wearing down your base on that icy hard pack we call "snow".
     Available in sizes 152, 154, 156cm.

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