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  • New Models of electric longboards are in stock here at the store ! The new Dual+ by Boosted have just arrived and are ready to be your next summer board.
    The Dual+ is a high performance electric longboard for anyone from a complete beginner  to an experienced long boarder. With 4 speed settings, it's a board anyone can enjoy.
    The Dual+ is an adaptive and responsive ride featuring a top speed of 22mph and a standard battery range of 7 miles per charge. The board is also capable of climbing hills as steep as 25% hill grading. Also complete with a responsive braking system to ensure safety and ease of use in any situation.
    Controlled by a comfortable and responsive remote, all the control you need is a movement of the thumb away. Fully charged in 60 minutes this board is a versatile and powerful electric longboard.
    Available for Demo In-store! Stop on in and try one out for yourself!

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  • Electric Skateboards are back in stock here at the store!  This week we received a few of the M1 Electric boards from Inboard Technology.
    The M1 board is controlled via a handheld Bluetooth remote, and has a top speed of 22 mph.  The battery is removable, water resistant, approved for air travel, and last for up to 10 miles of use on the board.
    The M1 is one of the best electronic skateboards we have seen to date.  The quality is top notch, and this is one of the most powerful electric boards on the market.  The stiff deck, and multiple Riding Modes make this board safe and fun for skaters of all ages and abilities.  Doesn't matter if you've been skating for decades or this will be your first skateboard, the M1 is guaranteed to be one of the greatest rides of your life!
    We have a demo board available here at the store if you would like to come and see what all the hype is about, or you can click the link below to get full details...

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