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2017 Mt. Trollhaugen Railed Slalom

We are teaming up with the good human's at Trollhaugen Resort to bring our third annual Railed Slalom. We will be making a slalom course featuring a few rollers, gaps, jumps, and rails where the fastest person to ride the run wins!

You will get two qualifying runs and you will keep your fastest time. Fastest 10 times from each age group will advance to the Finals for one last run. 

1. 13 and younger
2. 14-17
3. 18-24
4. 25-34
5. 35 and older
6. Women's (all ages)

$10. Free T-Shirts to first 50 people who register.

Top 3 Finalists of each division wins Trophies. We will also have an overall "Fastest Human on a Board" Champion- which will be the fastest time of everybody!

Registration starts at 11:00am. The event will be wrapped up by dark.

This event is open to all ages and abilities. Fastest shredders win! You don't need tech trick skills, you just need to be fast!
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