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2016 Granite City Riot Photos

The morning mist wasn't enough to stop us from putting on the Granite City Riot this past Saturday. By pushing back the contest 2 hours, we were able to wait out the rain and get the St. Cloud Skate Plaza dry enough to skate! A big Thank You to St. Cloud Toyota for helping us make the 2016 Granite City Riot a success! Shout out to all the contestants who came to the plaza and put on a show for us to enjoy!
Riders Meeting
Brayden Kickflip
Riley Front 5-0
Youngest Ripper Titan
Advanced Division's Final Zone
J. Kum
Ricky Nunn Boosting
James Weaver Nollie Back Disaster
Jesse J Willy to Bank
Nevin Day Films
Finals Meeting
Asian Joe Appearance!
Braun Star Gap over Rail
Jesse J Crook
Dan Rusin Nose Manny
Evan Schmitt Back Smith
Sean R Front Feebz
Advanced Division:
1st- Ryan Yost
2nd- Jake Braun
3rd- Ricky Nunn
Intermediate Division:
1st- Riley Reding
2nd- Brayden Robertson
3rd- Mathias Wolfe
Photos: @Lankphoto

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