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Rib Bones from Powell Perelta

Rib Bones are in by popular demand! At $7.99 these 14.5" rails are going to be your new best friends. Perfect for a pool board or your favorite street set up. No need for wax, these puppies are SLICK! Predrilled with mounting screws makes applying them by hand quick and easy. 


  • Posted by Orquestra on

    Katie,Your calendar is buuitefal! And there’s still plenty of time to finish the last five ornaments…. at least 19 days left! I decided right away that I couldn’t join the sew-along in time for this Christmas. With three kids myself and a long list of homemade gifts not finished, I decided to save my calendar to make this summer. That’s usually when I’ve had enough of a break from the holidays to start missing them again… Great job, and I’ll be checking back here to borrow your ideas when I start my own!!

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