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Snowrider Classic and Minor Threat

The Snowrider Classic and Minor Threat Snowboard competitions are teaming up for one great day at Powder Ridge.
The Snowrider Classic will be for riders ages 18 and older, and the Minor Threat will be for riders ages 17 and younger. Both contests will be judged on a Slopestyle Coarse in the park, including both Jumps and Rails.
Minor Threat 
Cost: Free 
2 Age Groups: 13 and Under | 14-17
Snowrider Classic
Cost: $20
Prizes: Cash $$$$$
2 Age Groups: Intermediate | Advanced
30 Minute Qualifier Session 
Each age group will get a 30 minute session on the coarse. The riders will be able to lap the coarse as many times as they want in the session and the judges will be looking for the top 8 riders from each age group to move onto the Finals.
The Finals
The top 8 riders from each age group will advance to the Finals where they will ride in an 8 man head-to-head tournament bracket to see who is the over all winner. Riders will take one run against each other and the judges will determine who had the better run, the winner moves on and the loser is out. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners of each age group.

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