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Bronson Speed Company

Bronson Speed Company offers Next Generation Bearings, designed for todays skateboarding. They are the fastest, strongest, longest lasting, longest spin skateboard bearing ever made.
Deep Groove Raceways, Straight Edge Frictionless Shields, Microgroove Raceway Surfaces, Maximum Impact Cage Design, Balls Out Technology, High Speed Ceramic Oil, and Factory Fresh Quality.
100% hand inspected twice, and micro-polished and ultrasonic solvent washed 3 times prior to final lubrication. Bronson Speed Company Bearings are packed in nitrogen filled shrink-wrap, which reduces metal and oil oxidation until ready to be ridden. These bearings are game changing and that is why we carry them. Come grab a pair before they are sold out again.. We are currently have stock of the G3 bearings (shown above).

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