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Skateboarding is a lifestyle that is easy to get into. The products are available at many different retail outlets, but not always are you finding products of high quality   with a service to match, from a knowledgable associate… At The Youth Shelter Supply, we only stock the highest quality board, shoe, and clothing brands in our industry. We know and use these products in our everyday participation, not just on the sales floor. There are many benefits to supporting rider owned and operated skate shops such as The Youth Shelter!
Our "Frequent Buyers Club" shows our appreciation to local shoppers who continue to support The Youth Shelter Supply. Purchasing your gear from us not only keeps our doors open, but also contributes to contests and events that we hold multiple times a year.
How the club works:
Buy 6 Decks at regular price= Free Shop Deck of your choice
Buy 6 Pairs of Shoes at regular price= Free Shoe Credit
(equal to your cheapest pair of the 6)
Buy 6 T-Shirts at regular price= Free Shop Tee of your choice
Utilizing this program will help you maintain a solid discount off of most of your purchases at the store. The sickest part is you don't have to buy that ugly color way from an outlet mall, and can get the fresh gear from us instead!
Buying products from people who actually skate and know the product they are selling can make the world of a difference when you go to put your new gear to use.
We offer free Shelter Griptape with the purchase of a deck, whether it is a pro board or TYSS branded. We also know how to assemble your set ups, as any skate shop should, without trying to convince you to do it yourself… 
At The Youth Shelter Supply, we put our customers in the proper gear for their individual needs. From fits and sizes to styles and progression. We understand the different needs for different customers.
Quit getting roped into buying products from a barney who doesn't skate, doesn't know their product, and is looking for that extra commission on their check. Get real kids. REAL SHOPS are hard to come by. Supporting your local skate shop contributes to your scene, and not the pockets of those corporate guys who can't decide if they like their thumb or their head up their ass more.

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