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Wild in the Parks at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza

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Volcom’s Wild in the Parks series was born 10 years ago with a desire to take a different path and offer something new and entirely different in the amateur skateboarding world. The event encourages involvement of the community while promoting the local youth. Young, up and coming skaters put their skills on display in a supportive and positive environment. Skaters are judged on the tricks they land, never on their bails in three separate skatepark “zones”.

 The event is free to enter so anyone can sign up in one of the three divisions: 14 & Under, 15 And Over, and Open/Am. Standout “10 & Under” and the "Top Lady" competitors also receive awards. Free lunch is provided to all competitors and prizes are awarded in all categories; including $500 cash for the Open Division!

Come hang out, eat some free food, rock out, and skate away with some free gear while having a great time and supporting the local scene! Spectators are welcome! 


Game of SKATE

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We are holding our annual Game of SKATE this year on Saturday July 12th. We are moving the contest to Downtown St. Cloud on West St. Germain Street. The event is open to all ages and abilities, we will have two divsions: Intermediate and Advanced. This will be a single-elimination, winner moves on, head to head SKATE Tournament. We will have room for 32 competitors in the Intermediate Divison and 32 competitors in the Advanced division. There is no cost to enter this event. To guarantee your spot in the Tournament, come into the store ASAP and pre-register, you can also register the day of the event.


IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENTS SIGN YOUR EVENT REGISTRATION/WAIVER. There will be no exceptions, if your parents haven't signed your registration/waiver you can not skate in the contest. If your parents can not make it the day of the contest to sign your registration/waiver, you can have them come into the store between now and then to sign your registration/waiver. There will be no exceptions for this.


Contest: Starts at 12:00 pm

Location: Downtown St. Cloud (by Herberger's)

Cost: FREE

Divisions: Intermediate or Advanced 

King of the Plaza | Recap Video

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King of the Plaza | 2014 from The Youth Shelter Supply on Vimeo.

Our annual King of the Plaza skateboard contest is open to all ages and abilities. Contestants are put on a team to compete in various activities and challenges both on and off your board to see who will be crowned King of the Plaza!!! Presented by: The Youth Shelter Supply | Sponsors: DC SKATEBOARDING, BOHNAM SUPPLY CO, ADIDAS SKATEBOARDING, STANCE SOCKS | Edit: Mike Thienes | Footage: Dylan Wicklund, Mike Thienes | Music: Wooden Shjips "These Shadows" (acoustic version)

best holiday of the year | GO SKATEBOARDING DAY

by Administrator 20. June 2014 10:29

June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day- the greatest day of the year!

This year we will be celebrating by having a Skate Sale here at the store from 10:00am to Noon.  From there we will be skate mobbing through downtown and skate our way over to the St. Cloud Skate Plaza.  We will be doing a BBQ and a Park Clean-Up sponsored by Vans- everyone who helps pick up the trash around the park will get a prize pack from Vans.  The BBQ will be free and we will turn on the grill at 2:00pm.  Come out and celebrate the greatest day of the year with us! 


SKATE CAMP | recap video

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Skate Camp 2014

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We will be offering a FREE one-day Skateboard Camp at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. This camp is open to both boys and girls of all ages and skating abilities. 


Our store staff members and skate team riders will be the coaches for the day and we will split the campers up into groups based on their age and skating ability. The coaches will be open to teaching campers any aspect of skateboarding they are looking to improve on.


It doesn't matter if it's your first year skating, or you have been skating for many years; Skate Camp is designed to make everybody a better skater and make everybody feel comfortable and have fun skating the Plaza. All you need to have is a skateboard, and to come in and preregister at The Youth Shelter Supply now!!! 

Alec Majerus' part from Goosenectar

by Administrator 6. May 2014 10:33

Alec team up with Louie Lopez to share a part in the Goosenectar video coming out of California. Enjoy!

Local skate flicks are going off right now

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A few local Minnesota skate flicks have dropped in the past weeks that are pretty damn good. Lots of good up and coming rippers out of Minneapolis right now, and tons of great spots.

The Hesh Mixtape Volume 1 comes from one of the most entertaining skate blogs in Minneapolis, features heavy influences from Sizzurp, has one of the hardest soundtracks in recent skate/rap video history, and has parts from the dudes you see ripping 3rd Lair on a daily basis. If you haven't checked out their blog yet, hear over to now!

BROGAZELLE3ABD (broke as hell 3 all ready been done) is a video by another great MPLS skate blog The Village Psychic featuring skating from: Tabari Cook, Kirian Stone, Tom Roher, Aaron Christensen, Spencer Gillespie, Pat Gallaher, CJ Tambornino, Patrick Voller, David Jaimes, Phil Schwartz, Will Irrgang, Alex Oskie, Denis Burdick, David Nelson, Pete Spooner, Dana Ross, Nathan Cameron, Davis Torgerson, Dom Randazzo, Eddie Kochendorfer, Josh Manoles, Tim Bennet, Tim Fulton, David Fink,Joe Hall, Dan Rusin, Jan Jacobson, Angelo Zwicky, Mike Burrill, and Vinnie Nanthavongsa. After you watch this video check out the blog over at

4N is a video from Sam Levy their 37 days traveling around in a van living the skate life dream.

This last video is Jack Olson's part from No-Collar. The full video from Mitch Guth isn't online, but they're teasing you to buy the video by giving you the privilege of peeping Jack's latest part. Word on the street is this isn't even the ender part of their video, so you know you need to get your hands on a full copy. Hopefully we should have it here in the shop soon, or head over to to purchase a copy for yourself!

Campus Cruz Skate Event RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY 4/25

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We will meet at the store at 3:00pm for a Skateboard Scavenger Hunt (we will be hiding prizes around campus and giving out clues for people to go out and find them).  Then at 4:30pm we will all be meeting up down by Outdoor Endevours Offices (down by the SCSU football stadium) for a FREE BBQ and a couple mini contests.  It's that time of year to get back out on your board and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, so grab your Cruiser or Longboard and come enjoy the day with us! 

Goldcoast Pier, Pressure, and Serpentagram Longboards

by Administrator 31. March 2014 15:26

We got our first Goldcoast Longboards shipment in for 2014 and they are looking as awesome as ever.  Goldcoast board's art kind of like skating a piece of art.  They pay attention to, and customize every aspect of thier completes- which definately helps them stand out against most other completes we carry here at the store.  Best part is, they ride as well as they look!

True To This Video Premier

by Administrator 30. March 2014 14:23

We are teaming up with The Red Carpet Night Club and Volcom for the premier of Volcom's latest video "True To This".  A motion picture celebrating America's First Boarding Company. When Volcom was founded in 1991, it was the first company to combine surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding under one brand from its inception. This way of life influenced the anti-establishment style and attitude that defined a generation. The cultural phenomenon was best captured when Volcom released "Alive We Ride" in 1993: a film documenting the raw excitement and spontaneous creativity inherent to the lifestyle. Twenty years later, with the release of "True To This", Volcom again captures the energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms. 


Doors open at 9pm on Friday at The Red Carpet, and we will be starting the video right at 10pm.  See you there! 

DC Lynx wear test at the Familia HQ

by Administrator 27. March 2014 10:35

We sent shop heads Lane Kloskowski, Nevin Day, Jesse Johnson and Jon Jacob down to the Familia HQ to test the new Lynx Shoe from DC. The boys meet up with team riders from Zombie Boardshop, Damage Boardshop, Cal-Surf, and Familia and put the latest shoe to drop from the DC Skate line to the test, check out the results from the day.

Plan B Skateboards

by Administrator 21. March 2014 16:54

We got our first shipment of the year in from Plan B Skateboards today.  With all the hype surrounding the Plan B video that is scheduled to drop this fall, we are expecting to be selling a lot of wood from Plan B this season.  As always, you get free griptape with all deck purchases here at the shop.  Spring is right around the corner and skate season will be in full effect, are you ready for it?

Nate Schaefer and Nevin Day's 2013 Skate Edit

by Administrator 4. December 2013 18:32

You've probably seen Nate Schaefer at the Plaza every day busting out new trick after new trick, now's your chance to see what he took to the streets this summer. Nate brings us in a teched out skate edit every year and this time around his latest footy does not disappoint. Good work Nate!

Nevin Day is also an everyday regular at the Plaza and this summer he decided to film a part to try and see if he can get hooked up with some brands. Pretty dope footage for his first attempt at filming. Keep up the good work Nevin, all your dedication can be seen in the footage you stacked this summer!

We are fully stocked on Skateboard Decks for Holiday Shopping

by Administrator 26. November 2013 17:20

We just got a huge shipment of decks to add to our deck wall here at the store.  We got wood from Deathwish, Life Extention, Toy Machine, Foundation, Blood Wizard, DGK, Organika, and Expedition One.  If you shop at the store regularly you know we always have a great looking selection of skateboard to choose from, and this Holiday Shopping Season will be no different.  Come on in and we will help you find the perfect skateboard for the skater on your shopping list, or click the link below to see our full deck selection online.  All skate deck purchases come with free grip tape.

Zero Cold War Video Premier

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We will be premiering Zero's latest skate flick: Cold War at 9pm on Saturday November 23rd at The Red Carpet Nightclub in downtown St. Cloud.

If you saw any of the parts last week they dropped on Thrasher Magazine, then you know you don't want to miss this one.  Click the image above for more info.

Fallen Road Less Traveled Video

by Administrator 14. November 2013 15:11

We just got copies of Fallen's latest skateboard video: "The Road Less Traveled" in stock today.  This video documents Fallen's world travels while filming and doing team demos for the past couple years.  It is shot and edited very well and a great watch.

Granite City Riot | Recap

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LRG Summer 2013 Midwest Tour edit

by Administrator 4. November 2013 15:10

The LRG Skate Team toured the Midwest this summer and the St. Cloud Skate Plaza was one of their demo stops. Check out footage from the Tour Re-Cap including Trent McClung, Miles Silvas, Billy Marks, and Tom Asta ripping the St. Cloud Skate Plaza.

Granite City Riot - rescheduled date

by Administrator 20. October 2013 11:32

Since we got rained out last weekend and couldn't hold the Granite City Riot skate contest, we have rescheduled it for Saturday October 26th at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza.  Registration will start at Noon, contest starts at 1:00pm. 

The Granite City Riot is this Friday

by Administrator 8. October 2013 17:14

The Granite City Riot is going down at The St. Cloud Skate Plaza this Friday (October 11th) afternoon.  This is our annual end of the year skate contest that will feature 3 different zones for competitors to skate in jam format.  There wil be three age divisions: 13 and Under, 14 and Older, and Open Class, there will be Prizes, Fame, and Glory for the top 3 skaters of each division.  Regstration for the event will cost $5.00 and will start at 3:00pm at The Plaza on Friday afternoon, the contest will start at 4:00pm.

We will be premiering Fallen Footwear's latest skate video Road Less Traveled at The Red Carpet, Downtown St. Cloud, on Friday October 11th after the Granite City Riot Skateboard Contest.  The video will start at 9pm and you must be 21 or older to attend the premier. 

Want a Capita Skateboard!?!

by Administrator 27. September 2013 11:16

Capita did a very limited run of skateboard decks from some of their snowboard graphics this winter, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some.  All three boards are size 8.25" wide and are available for sale while supplies last.  The board on the left is the Defenders of Awesome, the board in the middle is Scott Stevens' Pro-Model, and the board on the right is the Ultrafear.  If you can't make it into the shop to buy a deck, you can always buy one off of our online store at the link below.  Free griptape with all deck purchases!

attn dfct | Full Video

by Administrator 27. September 2013 10:07

attn dfct is the latest skate video from Chris Burt, filmed and edited last year's North Coast video, featuring all your favorite skate heads from Minneapolis. Check out parts from Jack Olson, Mike Lemnitzer, David Nelson, Tj Moran, Andrew Leibman, Sam Evensen, Andrew Ellison, and Dalton Jones.

Block Party & Plaza Session

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