Terror at Troll 2

by Administrator 28. April 2014 10:24

The 1817 boys have done it again! Terror at Troll 2 is definitely the best park edit of the year to come out of Trollhaugen and features riding from shop heads Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht. We never thought we'd ever say 12 minutes of park footy from Troll isn't enough, but it honestly isn't. How many times do you think you'll watch this before the Troll park opens back up again in October?

Shaner and Jake OE make an appearance in VG's latest Troll edit

by Administrator 23. April 2014 09:49

Shop riders Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht hit up Trollhaugen with the rest of Videograss Crew to film and end of the season park edit. How bad does watching this make you wish we were still shredding?

Jake and Shaner make an appearance in this week's Monday Minute

by Administrator 21. January 2014 10:35

Shelter team riders Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht get a couple shots in 1817's latest Monday Minute- featuring all your favorite Minnesota riders riding at Hyland Hills and Trollhaugen.

The Youth Shelter Supply shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 9. December 2013 10:33

Trollhaugen from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Last week we heading down to Trollhaugen with a dirty lens and a broken camera. Good times were had by all, check out some plays being made by: Michael Phillips, Josh Johnson, Matthew Boudreaux, Dan Brisse, Austin Young, Brandon Larson, Scott Kulzer, Ryan Wallack, Krister Ralles, and Shane Ruprecht.

Snowboard Season is officially here!!!

by Administrator 7. November 2013 10:30

It's that time of year again!  The temps have dropped and local shred hills have been blowing snow.  It finally looks like the cold weather is here to stay and that resorts all across Minnesota will be opening shortly, but luckily for us there are a few that are opening this weekend.  You've been waiting all summer to get back on the snow and now is finally your time! 

Wild Mountain, located in Taylors Falls, MN- a quick hour drive from St. Cloud, will be opening today at 4pm and plans to be open all weekend.  Today will be rope-tow only, but they plan to have a chair lift running tomorrow.


You know if Wild is going to open; Trollhaugen, located 15 minutes away from Wild Mountain in Dresser, Wisconsin, will be right behind them with as many rails and features as they can set out.  Troll plans on turning on a rope-tow tomorrow, Friday November 8th, at Noon and they plan to have a chairlift run open by 4pm. 


Powder Ridge has been blowing snow lately, but they do not have enough to open yet.  Hopefully they will be open as soon as the weather allows them to be and we can be shredding on the daily, but until then you can catch us making the trip down to Troll and Wild everyday!

Trollhaugen opens today!

by Administrator 25. October 2013 09:54
Trollhaugen Ski Area in Dresser, Wisconsin (only about an hour and 15 minute drive from St. Cloud) will be turning on its chairs and rope tow today at 3pm.  Lift tickets are $10 and they are not sure if they will be open tomorrow or Sunday, so if you have that itch to shred- go scratch it!

Ethan Deiss absolutely kills Trollhaugen

by Administrator 19. June 2013 10:34

If you thought you've seen banger edits coming out of Trollhaugen the last few seasons, think again! Ethan comes through with the best Troll edit ever.

House of 1817 | Terror at Troll

by Administrator 8. April 2013 10:58

Bald E-Gal Shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 7. March 2013 10:07

Bald E-Gal Filmer Dan Tyler made an edit of him and his fellow Wisconsonites shredding at Troll. Peep Ryan Barker, Peter Limberg, Austin Young, and Jeffy Gabrick killing the Troll Park.

Shelter Homies shred Trollhaugen

by Administrator 11. December 2012 18:33


by Administrator 19. November 2012 14:20

1817 shreds Troll

by Administrator 12. November 2012 11:28

House of 1817: Monday Minute 70

by Administrator 11. June 2012 07:50

Cody Beiersdorf and Austin Young session the Troll Triple Kink

by Administrator 21. March 2012 10:59

Working for the City shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 28. November 2011 15:28

Videograss shreds Trollhaugen Round 2

by Administrator 23. November 2011 08:00

Snowboard Season is finally HERE!

by Administrator 18. November 2011 11:34

It's that time of year again, time to bust out the old set-up and get it ready for those first days on the hill.  We've all been waiting for this for the last two months.  It's time to stop your dreaming (and bitching about the warm weather we have been having) and get out on the hill.

Stop in to get your board tuned and ready to rip, Hot Wax is onl $10 and Edge Sharpening is only $10!  Plus we currently have our largest selection of snowboard gear of the year right now; so whether you need some new boots for the season, or just a new hoodie to ride in we will have you covered.  

 Resorts are opening everyday in Minnesota, the time is now!


Powder Ridge has had the snow guns on for the last couple days and they are planning on having OPENING DAY be next week sometime, depending on how much more snow they can blow between now and then.  Word on the street is that Opening Day will feature multiple rails and possibly even a jump!

Trollhaugen has been open for the last couple weekends, but now they have multiple runs open, one chair lift open, and a park with a rope tow.   Definately worth the 1.5 hour drive to get some turns in this weekend!
Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls, MN has also been open for the last couple weekends.  Like Troll, they also have full runs on the chairlift and a small park with the rope tow.  They will be having their Demo Days this weekend where you can demo all the new 2012 snowboard gear to see what you would like to buy for the season.  They are also having a high ollie contest on Sunday.

VG shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 15. November 2011 08:45

Working for the City shreds Troll and Wild

by Administrator 15. November 2011 08:41

Trollhaugen will be OPEN THIS WEEKEND

by Administrator 4. November 2011 11:04

Looks like Trollhaugen Ski Resort will be opening on Friday at 3:30pm and also on Saturday at 10am.  They will have 3 runs, 2 rope tows, and 1 chairlift open.  They will also have some park features up.  Go get some!


by Administrator 21. February 2011 07:55

Troll's Park Get Schralped Hard.

by Administrator 1. December 2010 20:27

Props to these Troll kids for throwing down hammers. This is how a park edit should look. Where are you Powder Ridge kids at?

In case you you blew it and didn't shred Troll last weekend....

by Administrator 3. November 2010 22:39

Trollhaugen IS OPEN!

by Administrator 29. October 2010 11:03

House of 1817 Shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 5. April 2010 01:55