Supra X Deathwish collab Jacket and Shoes

by Administrator 18. February 2013 13:47

Supra Footwear and Deathwish Skateboards have teamed up to bring you a super-limited collab Coaches Jacket and Shoe.  We were lucky enough to be picked as one of their dealers to be able to sell this limited gear, so if you would like to get your hands on some you better act fast before its too late.  

Supra X Deathwish Black Coaches Jacket $64.95

Supra X Deathwish Pistol Black / Red Shoes $64.95

Two new colorways of the Supra Stacks

by Administrator 15. November 2012 16:02

Supra Stacks Black / Black Shoes $57.95 | Supra Stacks Black / Red Shoes $64.95

Supra Cuban Grey / White Shoes

by Administrator 4. August 2012 13:52

Supra Cuban Shoes | Grey / White | $69.95

Lizard King Sells His Soul to Supra

by Administrator 17. July 2009 10:56

It's been unclear over the last few months just where Lizard King's feet have been, but he finally signed the pact with the man downstairs to ride for Supra and already has a shoe, "The Bullet," set for release in Spring 2010. Here's a quick interview about what happened with DC and how he decided on Supra after all this time.

After Combat , what shoe sponsors were you considering? None of 'em. Just kidding, I was on flow for DC for seven months.

You were skating Wallenberg in DCs and it looked like you were pretty much on. How long did that last? And, what made you decide Supra would be a better fit? It's just hard when you need shoes and stickers when you're on flow. I'm trying to skate and kill sh*t and I had to buy my own shoes some times. All the DC skaters had my back, those dudes are the sh*t, but I guess someone who calls shots at DC wasn't feeling me, didn't think kids were into me, and Supra homies have always had my back. Supra is family, the place for me to be because we got Deathwish Gs in here. It's just got way more Passion.

In your meeting with Satan, your shoe, "The Bullet," seemed like it was already set to come out. Was a pro shoe something the lured you back to Supra? Supra homies got me a plane ticket, pulled me into a meeting, were like, "Here's your Shoe." I was like, "F**k yeah done deal." The Bullet 2010 fools. We filmed that video the next day and after the shoot I stayed in the bar.Chicks were buying me drinks, 'cause I forgot those horns were still glued to my head.

What's in store for the future? Wreck shop in my new shoe and torture fools, ha. Just kiddin', I don't know, just want to kill it. I want the cover of Thrasher more than anything. Gonna get that for Satan.

Erik Ellington's New Pro Model Now Available- Supra Footwear

by Administrator 18. May 2009 10:57

Sponsor Me: Erik Ellington (circa 1996)

by Administrator 5. May 2009 15:23

Supra Footwear

by Administrator 26. February 2009 11:04

Vega Erik Ellington Pro Model White Suede

Vaider Royal

Diablo Black Deathwish

Vaider Low Black Teal

Supera Footwear Now Available at The Youth Shelter Supply

by Administrator 13. February 2009 12:47