We got some goods from Annex, Real, and Thunder today

by Administrator 23. January 2013 19:16

We got a bunch of complete Skateboards in today

by Administrator 27. November 2012 14:34

Looking for that perfect Christmas Gift?  You can never go wrong with a new skateboard.  We got a bunch of complete skateboards in today from Real, Anti-Hero, Darkstar, Speed Demons, and Blind.  We have a huge selection of completes for both kids and adult ranging from $65 to $100. 

Davis Torgerson and the Real team Pushing DC

by Administrator 12. November 2012 15:03

Spitfire, Krooked, Real, and Anti-Hero Accessories

by Administrator 31. October 2012 13:33

We got a bunch of Beanies, Socks, Wallets, and Back Packs in today from some of the best skate brands in the game. 


Real, Anti-Hero, Spitfire, and Krooked Clothing

by Administrator 26. October 2012 16:33

Spitfire Standard Issue Grey Crew Sweatshirt | Spitfire Some Like it Hot White T-Shirt | Spitfire Burn Academy Navy/Yellow T-Shirt

Anti-Hero Eagle Heather/Black 3/4 Sleeve | Krooked K-Brothers White T-Shirt | Read Arch Heather Green/Yellow Hoodie | Real RS White/Red T-Shirt 

Real Skateboards | Anti-Hero Skateboards | Krooked Skateboards

by Administrator 19. September 2012 13:09

We got a shipment of decks in today from the good people over at Deluxe Distribution.  Real, Anti-Hero, and Krooked.

Davis Torgerson | Pushing Minnesota

by Administrator 7. September 2012 18:11

Real Pushing Minnesota by Davis Torgerson

by Administrator 7. September 2012 16:08

As part of Real Skateboard's summer tour each went home to push. Not only to skate the streets they call home, but to push the areas themselves. Davis Torgerson came home for a couple days to push the streets of Minnesota.

We were lucky enough to be selected by Real to carry these fine products and have a limited run available here at the store.  The T-Shirts are $25.00, the deck comes with the Mobb Grip for $50.00, or you can buy the entire package and get a free sticker for $65.00.  We will have the package available for sale on our online store if you can't make it to the shop- just click the link below.

Coming soon..........

by Administrator 13. July 2012 14:33

Davis Torgerson's latest Real Ad

by Administrator 29. June 2012 17:27