Derek Combs' Presents: Bump

by Administrator 25. March 2014 10:09

Shop filmer Derek Combs just dropped one of the best edits at Powder Ridge this season. Bump features shop heads: Shane Ruprecht, Mikey Roynesdal, Joey Peterson, and Matt Hiemstra pounding some hammers into the new park set-up at Ridge. Press play, sit back, and get inspired to step your game up for these last few days we have left to ride the Powder Ridge Park!

Volcom PBRJ recap from last weekend at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 1. March 2014 11:37

Major hammers were thrown last weekend at the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam at Powder Ridge. Peep the edit- crazy!

Edit: Mike Thienes | Footage: Derek Combs, Mike Thienes, Dylan Wicklund, David Rossow | Music: Bass Drum of Death "Way Out"

Snowrider Classic 2014 | March 1st

by Administrator 28. February 2014 09:59


The Snowrider Classic was established over 20 years ago. It is a legendary snowboard event made for everyone. This is our last snowboard contest of the year at Powder Ridge and it will feature both jumps and rails.  Music, smiles, prizes, raffle, and good times had by all!!! 


Boys 14 & Under, Girls All Ages, Guys 15 & Up, Open


$10 (must have lift ticket) 


Howl, The Interior Plain Project, Neff, Ashbury, DC, Burton, 1817, Rome, Volcom, Capita, Union, Coal, Crab Grab, Celtek, Electric

B4BC's Shred the Love at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 19. February 2014 14:59

Last week we held a girls only snowboard event at Powder Ridge which doubled as a fundraiser for Boarding 4 Breast Cancer (B4BC). Not only did these ladies tear up the park, but they also raised close to $1500.00 for B4BC! Check out the edit Mike Wiener made from the day, definitely one of the funniest events of the season!

Volcom PBRJ is this Saturday

by Administrator 18. February 2014 16:19

Volcom will be bringing their Peanut Butter Rail Jam to Powder Ridge on Saturday February 22nd.  This rail contest is open to all ages and abilities, and is free to enter.  Top 5 Finalists from each age group will qualify for the Tour Finals at Mammooth Mountain in California.  For more details click the image above to check out the event on Facebook. 

Drew Poganski - Legends of the Cloud

by Administrator 7. February 2014 15:19

Check out Drew's interview from Granite Country USA. Drew breaks down the filming he's been doing for the last couple seasons and talks about his plans for this season, in the first episode of the St. Cloud Business Bureau's web-series.

Femme Fatale- Ladies snowboarding event at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 6. February 2014 14:35

Femme Fatale and Sº4 Mag will be presenting Boarding for Breast Cancer's (B4BC) Shred the Love Tour at Powder Ridge in Kimball, MN on Sunday February 9th! 

The day will consist of many fun events from yoga to scavenger hunting, trivia and raffles to a classic Femme Fatale-styled comp in the afternoon! They will also be juicing and making smoothies!

For more info, check out the details on their Facebook page: 

Bald E-Gal Cup 2013 | Video Edit

by Administrator 11. December 2013 14:57

Bald E-Gal Cup | 2013 from The Youth Shelter Supply on Vimeo.

Winners: 14 & Up: John Bushe, 15 & Up: Isaiah Pudas, Open: Jeffy Gabrick | Location: Powder Ridge | Presented by: The Youth Shelter Supply | Edit: Ryan Dereamer | Footage: Ryan Dereamer, Dan Tyler, Mike Thienes

Want some help becoming a better Snowboarder this season?

by Administrator 9. December 2013 12:55


Foundation 725 is a 10 week snowboard training program designed for youth ages 7-18; that focuses on building a basic "foundation" or platform on the snow.  The correct foundation, is above all the most important attribute in snowboarding.  Without a solid foundation, achieving new goals is nearly impossible.  Above this, thier main goal or purpose with thier program is to build good charater qualities in each student.  Foundation 725 provides a short discussion time before each lesson, were they share experiences and thoughts with each other in order to promote and encourage good morals on and off the hill.  Good role models are needed in snowboarding and Foundation 725 is is commited to being leaders that fellow riders can look up to. 


Foundation 725 has been developing snowboarders and teaching lessons up at Andes Towers in Alexandria, MN for the last few seasons and this season they plan to bring their program to Powder Ridge.  This is a season long snowboard development camp that will provide weekly lessons at Powder Ridge on Sundays from 2pm to 5pm.  The Camp is available to riders of all ages and abilities, and provides coaches from Minnesota that have competed on both the Regional and National Level.  


Whether its your first season on a snowboard and you are looking for some skills to be able to ride in the park, or you are a seasoned vet who is looking to step your shred game up to the next level; Foundation 725 will be here this season to help you achive your goals.


For more information, check out their website at: or check out thier Facebook page at:

Or you can give them a call at 320.815.5187 or email them at:


by Administrator 4. December 2013 11:01

Due to the extremely cold temps they are predicting for Saturday out at Powder Ridge, we have rescheduled the Bald E-Gal Cup to Sunday December 8th at Noon.  For more info click the photo above. 

Snowboard Season is officially here!!!

by Administrator 7. November 2013 10:30

It's that time of year again!  The temps have dropped and local shred hills have been blowing snow.  It finally looks like the cold weather is here to stay and that resorts all across Minnesota will be opening shortly, but luckily for us there are a few that are opening this weekend.  You've been waiting all summer to get back on the snow and now is finally your time! 

Wild Mountain, located in Taylors Falls, MN- a quick hour drive from St. Cloud, will be opening today at 4pm and plans to be open all weekend.  Today will be rope-tow only, but they plan to have a chair lift running tomorrow.


You know if Wild is going to open; Trollhaugen, located 15 minutes away from Wild Mountain in Dresser, Wisconsin, will be right behind them with as many rails and features as they can set out.  Troll plans on turning on a rope-tow tomorrow, Friday November 8th, at Noon and they plan to have a chairlift run open by 4pm. 


Powder Ridge has been blowing snow lately, but they do not have enough to open yet.  Hopefully they will be open as soon as the weather allows them to be and we can be shredding on the daily, but until then you can catch us making the trip down to Troll and Wild everyday!

Powder Ridge Closing Day edit by Mike Thienes

by Administrator 29. March 2013 13:40

Last Day at Ridge

by Administrator 22. March 2013 15:04

This Sunday is the last day Powder Ridge is going to be open.  The weather is calling for some fun spring riding all weekend.  Come out to Ridge and get your shred on! 

2013 Snow Rider Classic Edit from Powder Ridge

by Administrator 7. March 2013 10:11

Here is a highlight reel of the finals for this years Snowrider Classic at Powder Ridge Minnesota.


1st | Shane Ruprecht

2nd | Josh Johnson

3rd | Matt Aura


1st | Mike Kloepner

2nd | Cory Franzwa

3rd | Eric Franzwa


1st | Deelia Gage

2nd | Katie Brugger

3rd | Kasie Carriveau


1st | John Busche

2nd | Tennessee Scott-Lumbar

3rd | Aeron Ashbrook

Edit: Mike Thienes | Footage: Mike Thienes, Derek Combs, Mike Wiener | Music: Gaurs "Not Supposed To" | Sponsors: Neff, Interior Plain Project, House of 1817, Burton, Capita, Coal, Union, Celtek, Volcom

Derek Combs' entry for the Arnette Crew Clash

by Administrator 7. March 2013 10:09

Derek and the boys filmed a banger edit from Ridge for Yobeat's Arnette Crew Clash video edit competition. Though they did not win the contest, they did come out with one of the hottest Ridge edit's to date. Featuring the silky-stylings of MikeRoynesdal, Joey Peterson, Billy Brandt, Shane Ruprecht, TJ Antisdel, Drew Poganski, Matt Hiemstra, Josh Johnson, Chris Tomczyk, Luke Merten, and Clay Hatzenbuhler.

Heaviest edit ever? Bald E-Gal Presents the PBRJ at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 1. March 2013 08:28

Edit from the Volcom PBRJ at Powder Ridge last weekend

by Administrator 28. February 2013 11:15

Powder Ridge Ride the Parks Episode 3

by Administrator 28. February 2013 11:04

Mike Wiener made a good edit of Joey Peterson, Brent Mohs, Mikey Roynesdal, and Ryan Wallack shredding the park out at Powder Ridge last week. Give it a watch, it's well worth it.

Volcom PBRJ at Powder Ridge | This Saturday February 23rd

by Administrator 20. February 2013 12:43

2013 Snowrider Classic | Powder Ridge

by Administrator 1. February 2013 15:14
This will be a slope-style contest with both jumps and jibs. 

Cost: $10 which will include a raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 at the event.

Age Groups:
14 and Under
15 and Older
Open Class

We will be holding the event in the Main Park at Powder Ridge. There will be a qualifier and finals for each age group. Qualifiers will be a jam format to pick the top 5-7 riders from each group to rider in the Finals.

You will be able to lap the course on both the rope-two and chairlift (or you can hike if you really want to get gnarly)

Awards and Raffle will follow after the event.

Femme Fatale Ladies Contest at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 12. January 2013 13:16

Bald E-Gal Cup | 2012

by Administrator 5. December 2012 08:25

The PBRJ will be at Powder Ridge February 23rd

by Administrator 3. December 2012 14:50

Bald E-Gal Cup | Saturday December 1st | Powder Ridge

by Administrator 30. November 2012 10:26


The Bald E-Gal Cup is a snowboard contest held at Powder Ridge. It will include both rails and jumps along with a few creative features to ride. It is open to all ages and abilities. 

Each Age Group will have a qualifier and a finals heat and we will be awarding the top 5 Finalist from the 14 and Under and the 15 and Older groups- the Open Class will be divided into teams and the teams will be competing together to see which team wins the cash. 

The Bald E-Gal filming/editing staff will be creating an edit from the event; Good times guaranteed. 

Registration: 11am-12pm

Cost: $10

Age Groups:

14 and younger

15 and Older

Open Class 

There will also be a $5 raffle for tons of great prizes from our sponsors.

Powder Ridge Park Fund-Raiser

by Administrator 27. October 2012 17:25

I'm sure you've all noticed the major improvements to Powder Ridge Terrain Park since Michael Wiener took control of it; and I bet you can't wait to see what level he will bring the park up to this winter.


Show your support for the park and everything Wiener is doing out there by rocking a Ride The Parks bracelet or sticker and making a small donation towards the new features that they will have this winter! If everyone who plans on riding the park on a daily basis this season donated a couple bucks, imaging how many new features they could build........