Check Out Jake's House of 1817 Interview

by Administrator 19. June 2011 20:06

Click the photo below to read Jake OE's interview over on House of 1817. 

Check Out RP's interview with ESPN

by Administrator 28. April 2011 09:13

Click the photo of Ryan below to read his interview over on the ESPN Snowboarding Blog.

Check Out the Cody Davis interview with The Skateboard Magazine

by Administrator 27. April 2011 09:30

Click the photo below to read Cody Davis' interview over on

Check out Brisse's St. Cloud Times article

by Administrator 21. April 2011 18:23

Click Dan's parking ramp gap to read his latest article in the St. Cloud Times.

Check out Davis Torgerson's ESPN interview

by Administrator 14. April 2011 10:26

Click the photo of Davis to read his interview over on the ESPN Skateboarding blog.

Check out Jonas' ESPN interview

by Administrator 14. April 2011 10:19

Click the photo below to read the interview over on the ESPN Snowboarding blog.

Davis Torgerson Interview

by Administrator 4. April 2011 08:58

Click Davis' face to read his latest interview over on The Chrom Ball Incident.  He breaks down coming up in the MN skate sceene and what it was like filming his part for the Real Video. 

Joe has an interview in Snowboard Magazine

by Administrator 21. January 2011 08:44

Click Joe's switch nosepress to read Seth Huot's interview of Joe Sexton on Snowboard Magazine's website.  Good Stuff.  And just for the record... Joe should have beat Jeremy Jones in the first round of ESPN's Real Snow last week, he got robbed.

Jordan and Jonas: YOBEAT INTERVIEW

by Administrator 5. January 2011 10:15
Click the photo below to read YoBeat's Hump Day with the Brothers Michilot.  Good stuff.

Brisse has an interview coming in the next Pleasure Snowboard Mag

by Administrator 10. November 2010 07:34

Check Out Jake's ESPN Interview

by Administrator 19. October 2010 09:01

Click the photo to read  Matt Vanatta interview Jake Olson-Elm over at


by Administrator 21. September 2010 12:09

HUGE congrats to SHELTER PRO DAN BRISSE for working his ass off last winter and earning himself a Transworld Snowboarding Cover and 12 page interview.  The mag is in stores now so pick it up and take notes.  Ethan Diess also got a Check Out in this issue.

Joe Sexton Interview

by Administrator 20. September 2010 13:29
Joe's got another interview over on TRANSWORLD with JP and SIMON.  Click the photo to read it.

Joe Sexton's Transworld Interview

by Administrator 10. September 2010 09:00

If you haven't heard yet, Joe's got ender in The People Video CHEERS this year.  Click the photo to read his interview over on Transworld.

Check out Thienes' Interview on YoBeat!

by Administrator 11. August 2010 16:11

Want to know some history of the Midwest snow scene?  Click the image below and get the scoop on the man responsible for helping put the Midwest on the Snowboarding Map.

Jake OE Interview

by Administrator 23. June 2010 10:32

Check out Part II of Snowboard Magazine's Bald E-Gal Interview

by Administrator 16. June 2010 12:32

Check Out Jonas' Interview over on YoBeat

by Administrator 11. February 2010 11:06

Eric Koston's take on Nike SB

by Administrator 1. December 2009 13:29

Ethan Deiss ESPN Interview

by Administrator 12. November 2009 10:52

Click the photo to read the interview Ethan has over at ESPN. This kid is blowing up!


A Normal Hump Day with Dan Brisse

by Administrator 30. September 2009 15:26

 Brisse's got a pretty interesting interview on  Click the link to read it: