be kind, rewind | GIRL SKATEBOARDS

by Administrator 18. June 2014 17:38


We just got a fresh shipment of the latest skateboard decks from Girl.  We are fully stocked with tons of options in all sizes.  Pictured above is the "Be Kind, Rewind" series feature classic movies from the 80's.  




To see these and the rest of our Girl decks in stock click the link below to view our online store or swing through the shop and check out our deck wall. 



We got some fresh wood in from Girl today

by Administrator 10. February 2014 13:15

We just got a shipment of new decks in today from Girl Skateboards.  When it comes to Girl decks, we got them in all sizes.  Spring is just around the corner, isn't it time you updated your set-up.

We got another shipment of Girl Decks in today

by Administrator 21. August 2013 13:38

Girl Skateboards is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this summer and they have released some super limited decks to select shops that have supported them over the last two decades.  Luckily we were picked to be one of thsoe shops and got our hands on some of the OG Select Series.  Stop in and check out our huge selection of decks from Girl, or click the link below to shop online.

We got some new decks in from Girl and Chocolate today

by Administrator 19. February 2013 15:36

We got a bunch of decks in from Girl and Chocolate today

by Administrator 27. December 2012 13:41

Pretty Sweet DVD and Blue-Ray

by Administrator 28. November 2012 13:19

We finally got our hands on the most anticipated skate video to drop in the last 5 years.  Pretty Sweet lives up to ALL the hype and is everything you would expect from the good fellas over at Girl and Chocolate.  This video is definately a must if you skate and will make a great Christmas gift. 

Pretty Sweet premier at The Red Carpet

by Administrator 27. November 2012 13:37
 We will be premiering the Girl and Chocolate Skateboards video Pretty Sweet on Saturday December 1st at The Red Carpet in Downtown St. Cloud.  The video will start at 10:00pm sharp.  You must be 21 and older to attend.

Pretty Sweet | Bonus Footy

by Administrator 13. November 2012 13:18

Pretty Sweet Teaser #2

by Administrator 23. September 2012 19:39

We're trying to figure out a premier in St. Cloud for the Girl/Chocolate video "Pretty Sweet". It will be in mid-November. Stay tuned for more details......

We got a shipment of Chocolate and Girl decks in today

by Administrator 14. August 2012 13:05

The Girl&Chocolate video Pretty Sweet will be dropping in November

by Administrator 18. June 2012 13:07

We got a shipment of Girl Skateboards in today

by Administrator 5. April 2012 12:35

We got a shipment of Girl Skateboards in today

by Administrator 27. February 2012 17:04

Girl / Chocolate Video teaser

by Administrator 25. November 2011 11:54

Brandon Biebel 2012 edit

by Administrator 9. November 2011 11:52

We got a shipment of new SKATE goods in today

by Administrator 19. September 2011 16:59

We got a bunch of new boards from Girl, Chocolate, Almost, and Enjoi.  We also got some more Tensor Trucks. 

We got a shipment of CHOCOLATE and GIRL decks in today

by Administrator 13. July 2011 14:52




LAKAI moves in with GIRL

by Administrator 18. May 2011 15:14

MORE Girl and Chocolate Skateboards Arrived Today!

by Administrator 10. November 2010 13:50

NEW Lakai Arrivals....

by Administrator 13. October 2010 14:43

Lakai MJ-5 | Black / Red Suede - Chocolate Skateboards Collaboration | $69.95

Lakai KIDS Mike Mo | Black Suede - Girl Skateboards Collaboration | $37.95

Girl and Chocolate shipment arrived today.....

by Administrator 27. September 2010 11:31


Mike Mo: Twitter Me This

by Administrator 4. June 2010 10:57

One Grand Prize Winner will win a day with Mike Mo Capaldi. Mo will fly our to your hometown for a day to skate, hang out, and have a party. Plus, a box of Matix gear for your friends to be jealous of.

Enter to win by sending @MatixProgress a photo, video or text on Twitter telling Matix why Mo should come visit you.

Mike Mo will personally choose a winner to fly out and visit. Enter by June 30th. 

HUGE Skate Shipment Arrived Today!

by Administrator 23. April 2010 15:56

Girl Skateboards clothing shipment has arrived.....

by Administrator 15. April 2010 15:02

Huge Skate Shipment Landed Today!

by Administrator 25. March 2010 17:32