are you skating royalty? | KING OF THE PLAZA

by Administrator 23. June 2014 17:41

It's time for our annual King of the Plaza skateboard contest.  It is open to all ages and abilities, contestants will be put on a team to compete in various activities and challenges both on and off your board to see who will be crowned King of the Plaza.


We will split up the teams evenly by age and ability.  There will be both team and individual prizes given out from our fine sponsors.


Your team will gain points for various skate tricks completed in the four zones of the plaza:

1.  Double Set

2.  Rock Gap

3.  5 Set

4.  Euro/Kicker


Teams can also score points in the:

1.  Deathrace

2.  Longest Ollie 

3.  Hockey Shoot-out



Registration: 3:00pm-3:45pm

Cost: $5.00

Contest Starts: 4:00pm

Location: St. Cloud Skate Plaza


Hit us up if you have any questions on the event, this is one of our more popular skate events of the summer!


let your toes breathe this summer | DC SANDALS

by Administrator 13. June 2014 13:12

DC Cabo Sandals | Black | $34.95

DC Central Graffik Sandals | Black / Camo | $22.95

DC Cole Lite 2 Shoes

by Administrator 29. April 2014 10:27

We just got in Chris Cole's latest pro-model from DC; the Cole Lite 2- which features a lightweight cupsole with a clean toe and no-sew upper to help prevent blowouts, creating a longer-lasting shoe.  Swing through and try on one of the best fitting and most comfortable shoes for skating this summer, and while your at it pick up a pair or two of socks from Stance to really set off your shoe game!

DC Lynx wear test at the Familia HQ

by Administrator 27. March 2014 10:35

We sent shop heads Lane Kloskowski, Nevin Day, Jesse Johnson and Jon Jacob down to the Familia HQ to test the new Lynx Shoe from DC. The boys meet up with team riders from Zombie Boardshop, Damage Boardshop, Cal-Surf, and Familia and put the latest shoe to drop from the DC Skate line to the test, check out the results from the day.

Bald E-Gal Presents: Ground Control - Full Video

by Administrator 26. March 2014 14:54

Check out Bald E-Gal's full video Ground Control featuring: Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht and more.

2014 DC Snowboard Boots

by Administrator 30. October 2013 11:45

We are fully stocked with DC Snowboard Boots for the winter.  These are some of the best looking and fitting boots that we have seen from DC.  From the 2014 DC Boot line we carry the Phase in Blue/White, the Avaris in Black, and the Mutiny in Black.  


New Product

DC Mikey Taylor S and Woodland SE Shoes

by Administrator 29. October 2013 17:27

DC Mikey Taylor S Shoes | Black / Black | $64.95

DC Woodland SE Boots | Black / Camel | $94.95

King of the Plaza

by Administrator 9. July 2013 18:39

Ever seen Thrasher's King of the Road? Well, we are kind of copying that for this event. 

When: Sunday July 14th at 5:00 pm

Cost: $5.00

Location: St. Cloud Skate Plaza

Age Groups: This is open to all skaters- of all ages and abilities. Teams: We will be splitting all participants up into teams.

Prizes: For the winning team, and also a couple individual event prizes.

Registration: Now at the store, or at the Plaza the day of the event. (you will sign up individually)

So basically, King Of The Plaza is going to be a team event- you will sign up individually and then we will split the teams up so they are equal. Teams will be competing against each other for the most points. Teams will get points by completing different trick requirements for various zones of the Plaza and also by competing in non-skate events both individually and as a team. At the end of the contest, the team with the highest amount of points will win (and we will also have a few individual prizes for individuals who finished with the highest score in various mini events and tasks). 

Davis Torgerson skates The DC Embassy

by Administrator 22. May 2013 12:57

DC Wes Kremer S Shoes

by Administrator 19. April 2013 09:43