Davis Torgerson skates The DC Embassy

by Administrator 22. May 2013 12:57

Minneapolis to Los Angeles by Tim Fulton

by Administrator 22. March 2013 15:03

Tim Fulton dropped his latest edit featuring: Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Kirian Stone, David Jaimes, Davis Torgerson, Jack Olson, Chris Colourn, and Fletcher Renegar.

Davis Torgerson and the Real team Pushing DC

by Administrator 12. November 2012 15:03

Davis Torgerson | Pushing Minnesota

by Administrator 7. September 2012 18:11

Real Pushing Minnesota by Davis Torgerson

by Administrator 7. September 2012 16:08

As part of Real Skateboard's summer tour each went home to push. Not only to skate the streets they call home, but to push the areas themselves. Davis Torgerson came home for a couple days to push the streets of Minnesota.

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Coming soon..........

by Administrator 13. July 2012 14:33

Davis Torgerson's latest Real Ad

by Administrator 29. June 2012 17:27

Debris | Teaser

by Administrator 1. May 2012 12:21

Debris is a Minnesota skate video, from the guys who made Flow Trash and Boondoggle, that will be dropping this fall. Check out the teaser.

Home Grown teaser

by Administrator 13. March 2012 21:35

Davis Torgerson shows his ride and skate the TWS Park

by Administrator 13. February 2012 09:01