We got some new decks in from Girl and Chocolate today

by Administrator 19. February 2013 15:36

We got a bunch of decks in from Girl and Chocolate today

by Administrator 27. December 2012 13:41

Pretty Sweet DVD and Blue-Ray

by Administrator 28. November 2012 13:19

We finally got our hands on the most anticipated skate video to drop in the last 5 years.  Pretty Sweet lives up to ALL the hype and is everything you would expect from the good fellas over at Girl and Chocolate.  This video is definately a must if you skate and will make a great Christmas gift. 

Pretty Sweet premier at The Red Carpet

by Administrator 27. November 2012 13:37
 We will be premiering the Girl and Chocolate Skateboards video Pretty Sweet on Saturday December 1st at The Red Carpet in Downtown St. Cloud.  The video will start at 10:00pm sharp.  You must be 21 and older to attend.

Pretty Sweet | Bonus Footy

by Administrator 13. November 2012 13:18

Lakai Linden Chocolate / Black Suede Shoes

by Administrator 1. October 2012 16:41

Lakai Linden Shoes | Chocolate Collaboration | $69.95

Pretty Sweet Teaser #2

by Administrator 23. September 2012 19:39

We're trying to figure out a premier in St. Cloud for the Girl/Chocolate video "Pretty Sweet". It will be in mid-November. Stay tuned for more details......

We got a shipment of Chocolate and Girl decks in today

by Administrator 14. August 2012 13:05

The Girl&Chocolate video Pretty Sweet will be dropping in November

by Administrator 18. June 2012 13:07

Girl / Chocolate Video teaser

by Administrator 25. November 2011 11:54