Shaner and the Burton Knowbuddys shred Superpark 18

by Administrator 27. May 2014 10:09

Shane Ruprecht got the call from Burton to meet up with the rest of the Knowbuddy Team out at Superpark 18 at Mount Hood Meadows in Oregon. Check out the edit from the week they spent shredding up there. Also featuring riding from: Jack Kyle, Ezra Racine, Ralph Kucharek, Jack Dawe, Tommy Gesme, Brady Lem, Alex Andrews,and Michael Wick.

Bald E-Gal Presents: Ground Control - Full Video

by Administrator 26. March 2014 14:54

Check out Bald E-Gal's full video Ground Control featuring: Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht and more.

2014 Burton Snowboard Bindings

by Administrator 5. November 2013 12:32

We are fully stock with our selection of 2014 Burton Bindings.  Burton makes some of the best bindings in the game, and they have a lifetime warranty on the base to guarentee you won't be dissapointed.  All Burton Bindings feature full EVA footbeds, Toe Caps, and super comfortable straps to allow you to ride all day long with less fatigue on your feet and legs.  We currently stock the Cobrashark, Custom EST, Custom and Freestyle binding from Burton in a variety of colorways to match up with the rest of your kit.  Stop in to see our full selection of Burton Bindings or click the photo above to see them listed on our online store. 

Burton Backpacks

by Administrator 29. August 2013 16:25

We got a bunch of back pack in today from Burton. Burton makes some of the highest quality, great looking, reasonably priced bags. If you need something to haul those books around all year that is guaranteed to last and has all the features you need for all your accessories- you should check out our Burton selection.

2014 Burton Clothing has started to arrive.....

by Administrator 11. June 2013 18:11

We got some really good looking Tees, Flannels, and Hats for Men, Women and Kids in today from Burton.  The perfect gear for repping your favorite snowboard brand during the warm summer months.

Save $$$ with a Snowboard Package

by Administrator 10. January 2013 10:07

Videograss, Absinthe, and Burton Videos are here

by Administrator 24. September 2012 15:45
We just got in three great shred flicks to help you pass the time until we can be strapping in again.  Videograss The Dark Side, Absinthe Films Resonance, and Burton 13.  Get your copies today! 

We got a shipment of Burton Clothing in today.

by Administrator 6. August 2012 21:45

Rob Dyrdek might be buying Alien Workshop from Burton

by Administrator 12. January 2012 09:10

Word on the street is Dyrdek is in the process of buying Alien Workshop off of Burton.  Love him or hate him, at least the brand would be back in the hands of a skateboarder.  Stay tuned....... 

Ethan gets shots in Norway

by Administrator 8. November 2011 09:21

Ethan Deiss makes plays

by Administrator 9. May 2011 09:14

Click the photo below to read Snowboard Magazine's article with Ethan and the Burton team in Minnesota while filming this winter.  Major hammers.

Ethan signs with BURTON

by Administrator 26. January 2011 22:36

Ethan Deiss’ hometown of Osceola, Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for its mountains. But lack of vertical terrain didn’t keep Ethan from putting together his break-out rail video part in the 2009 snowboard movie “Think Positive”. Now that he’s on the Burton AM team, Ethan is getting his first chance to film with a full-fledged movie project this season.

During a recent filming trip in Norway, Ethan said, “You wanna know what’s cool about Burton…Everything. My only regret in snowboarding is not riding for Burton earlier. The product is just so sick.” 

SHANE RUPRECHT | kills ridge | by: Sam Larson

by Administrator 18. January 2011 17:45

Shaner Makes Plays!

by Administrator 14. November 2010 22:05
For those of you who don't know; Shane Ruprect won the Capital City Rail Jam in Columbus, Ohio.  $1,500 striaght cash homie. 

Ryan Paul's part from POACHERS 10

by Administrator 13. November 2010 17:56


by Administrator 10. November 2010 08:05

Click the photo below to watch Ryan Paul's full part from POACHER'S 10 over on Transworld Snowboarding.  Word on the street is RP has officially signed with BURTON. Congrats Player.

RP Making Plays at the Downtown Throwdown

by Administrator 11. October 2010 13:04

Kevin Pearce UPDATE

by Administrator 16. June 2010 12:08

Check out RP's Transworld Interview!

by Administrator 19. May 2010 12:09

RP's Complete Dominance of WCI

by Administrator 14. May 2010 10:24

RP will be on The Daily Habit TONIGHT!

by Administrator 11. May 2010 10:42

Airing Tuesday, May 11 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (6:00 pm Pacific Time) and telecast three additional times, pro snowboarder Seth Huot, Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam Champs, and MTV’s The Dudesons will appear on Fuel TV's “The Daily Habit.” 

Kevin Pearce is making a remarkable recovery

by Administrator 4. May 2010 16:26

RP is 10G's Richer after this past weekend at Mamooth

by Administrator 3. May 2010 17:39

Ryan Paul has been making some major plays in the past couple weeks.  After coming off a huge win at Volcom's PBRJ finals last weekend, RP took first place at the West Coast Invitational this weekend!  Word on the street is he might possibly have the ENDER for the upcoming Bald E-Gal release: POACHER'S 10.

RP Making Plays

by Administrator 5. April 2010 21:36

Danny Davis' Season Could be Over

by Administrator 18. January 2010 20:09

According to Annie Fast of Transworld Snowboarding:

We’re sad to report that Danny Davis was injured in a non-snowboard related accident early Sunday morning outside of Park City, Utah. There is no official word yet on the extent of his injuries, a statement from his agent  Sue Izzo this morning confirmed that his injuries are non-life threatening, but it is clear from an update made by Sue on the “Danny Davis Pro Snowboarder” Facebook page last night, that Danny has sustained a back injury. We’re awaiting an update later this afternoon on the extent of his injuries and whether these will derail his Olympic chances.

Danny Davis just won the Winter Dew Pipe Finals at Snowbasin on Saturday, the weekend before he beat out Shaun White in the second stop of the Grand Prix Olympic Halfpipe qualifiers at Mammoth Mountain. He has been expected to make the US Snowboard Olympic team.

Official Update from the “Danny Davis Pro Snowboarder” Facebook page:

JAN 18 1:12 PST: Danny Davis will undergo surgery today in Utah to repair a L3 spine fracture. Contrary to rumors, doctors remain positive Danny will make a full recovery. His injury is the result of an ATV accident which took place Sunday morning in Utah. Due to the injuries sustained Danny will not be competing in the remaining snowboard events throughout 2010.