Bald E-Gal Cup | Saturday December 1st | Powder Ridge

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The Bald E-Gal Cup is a snowboard contest held at Powder Ridge. It will include both rails and jumps along with a few creative features to ride. It is open to all ages and abilities. 

Each Age Group will have a qualifier and a finals heat and we will be awarding the top 5 Finalist from the 14 and Under and the 15 and Older groups- the Open Class will be divided into teams and the teams will be competing together to see which team wins the cash. 

The Bald E-Gal filming/editing staff will be creating an edit from the event; Good times guaranteed. 

Registration: 11am-12pm

Cost: $10

Age Groups:

14 and younger

15 and Older

Open Class 

There will also be a $5 raffle for tons of great prizes from our sponsors.

E-Gal Eye Premiers in Duluth and Minneapolis

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Edit from the E-Gal Eye premier in St. Cloud

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E-Gal Eye | Now Available

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The critically acclaimed "E-Gal Eye", Bald E-Gal Production's latest snowboard video, is now available for sale.  Stop by the shop to get your copy or you can buy one online(no shipping charge).

Bald E-Gal Video Premier in St. Cloud

by Administrator 1. September 2012 10:10

We will be premiering the Bald E-Gal Video- "E-Gal Eye" at the Pioneer Place Theater on September 1st.  The premier will go from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, and the Pioneer Place Theater is located at: 22 5th St South St. Cloud Minnesota 56301.  It will be an all ages show.  Check out the FB event we made for more details. 

Bald E-Gal | E-Gal Eye | Teaser

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E-Gal Eye by Bald E-Gal Productions

by Administrator 10. July 2012 18:27

E-Gal Eye is Bald E-Gal videographer Sam Fenton's perspective of top up-coming shredders Austin Young, Shane Ruprecht, Cody Beiersdorf, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, and Krister Ralles along with legendary pros Seth Huot & Dan Brisse.  Shot in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, Utah, and British Columbia.

Hooks and Hammers

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Skate Event at The Skate Plaza

by Administrator 15. May 2012 16:30
 The Youth Shelter Supply invited 15 friends to skate in a relaxed demo that we will be making a video edit of. We will be having an hour long qualifier session for prizes and awarding 5 spots in the demo to the top skaters. Invite your friends to come watch this event and cheer on their favorite skaters! Metro Bus is promoting that kids ride for FREE all summer and the St. Cloud Skate Plaza will be a main stop.


Registration: 11-12 | Qualifier 12-1 | Video Demo 1-2

Sponsors: The Youth Shelter Supply, Metro Bus, Annex, Mystery, Fallen, Zero, Electric, Matix, Volcom, Nike SB, Krew, DVS, Neff, Supra, Coal, Bald E-Gal Productions

Follow Cams at Ridge

by Administrator 14. May 2012 19:34

Thienes was doing some filming for Transworld Snowboarding's story on Powder Ridge (which will come out next winter) and made an edit from some follow cams. Starring Jake Olson Elm, Cody Beiersdorf, Austin Young, Brandon Larson and Krister Ralles.

Bald E-Gal Cup 2011 Results

by Administrator 4. December 2011 18:35

Congrats to everybody who cam out to the Bald E-Gal Cup on Saturday at Powder Ridge.  Jesse Paul won the Open Class, Dan Spooner won the 15 and older class, and Garrett Mckinnzie won the 14 and under class. Brent Mohs won the Jake Olson-Elm/McRudy's Pub free keg.  

Props to Mike Wiener and PR Park Crew for a great set-up and Nate Harrington for providing the photos.  If you haven't check out Nate's photo blog you should-

The Bald E-Gal Cup is this SATURDAY at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 1. December 2011 13:10
The Bald E-Gal Cup is this Saturday at the Powder Ridge Terrain Park. The contest starts at Noon, registration starts at 10:00am. 

There will be a 14 and under divison, a 15 and older division, and an Open Division. The contest is open to both guys and gals.
Thienes and the Bald E-Gal crew will be filming an edit from the contest. 

Shane Ruprecht | The Convoy

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New Bald E-Gal T-Shirts

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Cody Beiersdorf | The Convoy

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Viktor and Danimals part from The Convoy

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RP's part from The Convoy

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1817 and Bald E-Gal at The Skate Plaza

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Bald E-Gal Production's The Convoy

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The Convoy is Bald E-Gal's 2011 release featuring the Midwest top up-coming riders and pro-bros.  No training in foam pits, no $100 dollar lift tickets, just progressive snowboarding on handmade jibs and jumps in non-destination snowboard location across the USA.

Featuring: Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht, Brandon Larson,  Ryan Paul,  Cody Beiersdorf, Erik Zimmerman, Tommy Young, Chaz Chaffee, Tony Young, Nate Lavik, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Viktor Simco, Dan Liedahl, & pals

Bald E-Gal / Burton Premier in Minneapolis

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Red Bull "Mississippi Grind" Practice day edit...

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By: Bald E-Gal Productions

VOLCOM | Wild in the Parks | Bald E-Gal Productions edit...

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Celtek Jib Farm | Bald E-Gal Productions

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Thienes' Monday Minute

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Larson's part from POACHERS 10

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